OneRail Sends Letter to FRA Urging FRA to Not Cut Funding for Operation Lifesaver (OLI)

Release Date: 
May 8 2017

On May 8, 2017, the OneRail Coalition sent a letter to the FRA urging the FRA not to cut 40% of funding for Operation Lifesaver (OLI). It is our understanding that FRA is contemplating a $400,000 cut in FY 2017 for support of OLI. Such a severe reduction would put the continued exis-tence of this important safety organization in jeopardy.  The OneRail Coalition urges FRA to maintain its $1 million plus funding for OLI in support of its critical safety mission. 

As an excerpt: More than 3,000 trained OLI volunteer presenters across the U.S. work tirelessly to spread the group’s standardized safety message and tips every day in cities and small towns where they live and work. The organization is well regarded by federal and state government entities, the news media, and other public safety organizations like AAA because of its independent, nonprofit status. Its efforts in 46 states and countless communities across the nation expand the reach of state, local and private industry safety education and enforcement efforts and amplify the messages that the public receives through news media, social media and community activities. 

For the full letter, see the link below.