Amtrak FY15 Budget Request to Congress Seeks Increased Investment in Passenger Rail

On March 18, 2014 Amtrak issued its FY 2015 budget request to Congress. Seeking an increase in federal passenger rail investment, Amtrak warns that continuation of current funding levels leave Northeast Corridor infrastructure vulnerable to a bigger, costlier and far more damaging failure that anything yet seen.

The reasons behind the increased budget request include infrastructure deterioration, changes in business practices, and increased ridership.

President and CEO Joe Boardman noted, "If America wants a modern intercity passenger rail system, the problems of policy and funding must be addressed."

For FY 2015, Amtrak is requesting $1.62 billion in federal capital and operating support, an increase of approximately 16 percent from FY 2014 federal appropriations. 

A NEC Infrastructure Advisory Commission report details the growing risk to critical NEC infrastructure. 

A copy of the Amtrak FY 2015 budget request is found attached below.