Freight Rail Constituents Form Coalition to Bolster Great Northern Corridor

February 5, 2014 - Government and port representatives from seven states and other freight-rail constituents have formed the Great Northern Corridor Coalition to promote regional cooperation, planning and shared project implementation to improve freight-rail movements from the Pacific Northwest to Wisconsin.

Coalition partners include BNSF Railway Co.; ports in Everett, Grays Harbor, Longview, Pasco, Quincy, Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, Wash.; the Port of Portland, Ore.; Port of Northern Montana; Washington Public Ports Association; and departments of transportation in Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

Each year, more than 203 million tons of freight are transported over the Great Northern Corridor, which runs from the Puget Sound and Lower Columbia River regions to Chicago through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It would take about 4.8 million long-haul trucks to move that much freight each year, coalition officials said in a press release.

The coalition is working to strengthen the corridor to promote economic growth for neighboring communities and accommodate the demand for safe, efficient and environmentally sound transportation services, they said.