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2013 Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges, and Transit: Conditions and Performance Report cover
January 31, 3014 - The FHWA published its report to congress on the conditions and performance of the nation's highways, bridges, and transit. This edition of the Conditions and Performance report is based primarily on data through the year 2010; consequently, the system conditions and performance...
Recent Examples of the Economic Benefits from Investing in Infrastructure - November 2011 cover
Nov 11 2011
Investments in transportation infrastructure have substantial economic benefits, in both the short and the long run. Evidence of these benefits is clearly visible in many of the infrastructure projects that have recently been completed throughout the country. This report from the White House...
Congressional Map of High-Speed Rail Projects - May 2011 cover
May 25 2011
This map illustrates the applications for the most recent round of HSIPR grants. Congressional districts with projects are highlighted by party color.
Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Report on Highway Funding - March 2011 cover
Mar 24 2011
Heavy trucks travel less than 10 percent of all vehicle miles, but their costs per mile are far higher than are those for passenger vehicles, and they are responsible for most pavement damage. Estimates from several sources indicate that most highway users currently pay much less than the full cost...
A New Economic Analysis of Infrastructure Investment - March 23, 2011 cover
Mar 27 2012
This report released by the U.S. Department of Treasury with the Council of Economic Advisers finds that now is the key time to invest in infrastructure to create middle-class jobs, increase our long-term competiveness, and support a more secure energy future.    
GAO Report on Surface Freight Transportation - Societal Cost Comparison - Road vs Rail vs Water - January 2011 cover
Feb 28 2011
GAO Studies Surface Freight Transportation - finds that additional freight service provided by trucks generated significantly more costs that are not passed on to consumers of that service than the same amount of freight service provided by either rail or water. GAO estimates that freight trucking...