Rail Safety in the U.S.A.

Read our latest report on the central role rail should play in making America's transportation system safer.

Rail plays an important role in the nation's transportation system. It is not only energy efficient and environmentally sustainable. It is also vital for economic development, constantly transporting freight and people across the United States. Above all, rail is historically a safe mode of travel, and with continued investment and technological innovation, is becoming even safer.

getting people and goods
out of cars & trucks and onto
trains would save lives

The Next Page in Rail Safety

There are a host of initiatives underway that will make rail even safer going forward. Increasing market share for rail by getting more goods and people onto trains would save lives and reduce injuries, having a significant impact on transportation safety.

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We need to take a broader look at how we travel

This report examines the safety of the nation's transportation system. It explains why rail should play a fundamental role in moving people and goods in order to make safety the top priority in transportation.

Saving Lives
Shifting just 1% of auto trips to rail could save roughly 200 lives a year.
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Safety Trend
The accident rate for rail has declined 31% since 2006, making a safe mode of transportation even safer.
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In the last 10 years, over $200 billion has been spent to improve the condition and capacity of networks.
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